VLF reception

Reception of SAQ at 17.2kHz July 3e 2016

Reception of the VLF is done using a home made up-converter. Signal from the low-noise MiniWhip antenna at the back of my yard is fed via a cable (30mtrs) to a 0.000-0.500Mhz to 14.000-14.500MHz converter in my shack. At a short distance after the up conversion a common mode cable filter operating at 14MHz is used. Without this filter reception at VLF is very hard to do due to the noise. Very likely this is a common mode issue. The converter can be powered by battery for lowest noise. Although this was not the case for these recording. An analog (non switching) 12V adapter was used.

Tuning the transmitter

Message transmission

Reception of SAQ at 17.2kHz July 1e 2018

This reception of the VLF is done using the KiWi websdr at Groesbeek and is temporarely using the MiniWhip instead of the loop.

Tuning the transmitter

See drift of frequency if transmitting.