Funny radio

Websdr Eindhoven:

Websdr Eindhoven

Reverse beacon:

The reverse beacon net. This is really nice and useful!

QSO map:

This link will create an map with all the QSOs from your QTH.

Automatic PSK31 reception world wide:

Where is your PSK31 CQ heard?
This is a really nice web application!

Echolink settings:

Window XP the Livebox router and the Wireless router

Ronde 'Zuidelijke Afdeling' 28.330 on Friday 22:00h:

Ook wel 'Het Brabants Café' genoemd. Het gebruik van oude apparatuur (surplus) en het geluid van warme buizen, wordt zeer gewaardeerd.
Vrijdagavond ronde op 10m.

Panadapter LP-PAN:

Click on picture

Tijdens de vrijdagavondronde van 27-nov-2010 (het Brabants Café op 28.330 om 22:00h)




PA0MJS (S9 + 60dB) 5 feb. 2011

PA0WGV 5 feb 2011

PA3AFF 11 feb 2011
(Rene PE1MYS popped up in corner)

PA3KC 9 sept 2011

PA3HGF 9 sept 2011

PE1GOO 1 june 2012

LP-PAN page van Larry N8LP


Click on link for sound.

Pictures of modifiyng an MRI scanner amplifier to a wideband 300 Watts (160 - 6m) power amplifier.

Bush EBS44 radio.

Pye P131MBQ repair

Beacon recordings:

Click on link for sound.

IK3NWX on 30mtrs received at home

IZ3DVW on 40mtrs received at home

OK0EF on 30mtrs received at home

OK0EV on 160mtrs received at home

OK0EV 1.854 KHz
Daily from 6:00 to 20:00 local time in Czech republic.