Holiday operations of PA1W

More holiday and antenna pictures


2013 Soller (Mallorca):

House with swimming pool

Environment of our holiday house (QSL card)

Tuning the J-pole 1/4 wave stub for 10m band. This band is used for contacts with Holland (1686km). But it turned out the 40m band would perform much better for contacts with the Netherlands. Next time I prepare a 40m 1/4 wave vertical for permanent use from here.

2010 Aalten (NL):

During the WPX contest 29/30 may 2010. Picture is taken just before the rain started. And the rain did not stop. Notice the 10m high vertical. During the afternoon at may 30 the 15m and 10m bands were wide open. Best antenna performance is at 40/30/20 mtr.

2006 South Afrika:

ZS1/PA1W at Calitzdorp.

Calitzdorp center of village.

View somewere from Swartberg.

Rhombick antenna in Calitzdorp.

Hazyview ZS6/PA1W.

2005 Germany, Nueastenberg (near Winterberg):

IOTA contest setup during this holiday, as DL/PA1W.

2004 PJ7/PA1W Sint Maarten Netherlands Antilles.

QTH: Beacon Hill, seen from cockpit.

Seen from sea.

It was too warm (35C and high moisture) to be active with ham radio. Nevertheless I did my best, rig=K2, antenna, a fishing rod (4.5 meters). The metal roof, covering 9 apartments, did help a lot as a ground plane. The seawater on all sides gave a good ground reflection. FB working with QRP, causing pile-ups in Europe. I never had been on this side of a pile-up before. Made normal QSOs only, with exchanging names and QTHs. Call: PJ7/PA1W.

My QTH was Beacon Hill. a few miles from the capital city Phillipsburg. Did not use the /qrp suffix, made such a long call. 95% of QSOs was 5 watt, 5% was 10 watt, of course no differences in reports.

Holiday 2003, near Leuven Belgium (Huldenberg).

100% homemade station, all QRP. Nice view, cool beer, high temperature.