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Tube (PL519) power amplifier

PI4RAZ forum

Tube power amplifier (very compact) constructed by Lex PA0AXS. 3xPL509

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Schematic << click here

One of the first articles ever of using low-cost switching FETs  in a RF power amplifier application.


Antenna simulation program what you can download for free.

Freeware antenna simulation

Receiver performance sorted by 2KHz IP3 dynamic range narrow space 2KHz:

Receiver performance sorted by blocking dynamic range 5KHz (ARRL method):

Multiband WebSDR receivers al over
Global Websdr

Web controlled short wave receivers:
Global SDR tuners, OpenWebRx

The RF bandwidth of a SSB 2.5KHz (speech audio) system is 7.5KHz
(for strong signals,coased by IM3) explained by W8JI:

Frits has a nice page with nice stuff:

And all the rest of Ham radio:

PHP scripts:
Password generator 1 and 2.
Calculator reken.

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